What’s better than enjoying wine with other wine loving type people?  We feel that wine is intended to be a social beverage, and we try to keep it that way.  Our tastings are small, casual, informative and semi-intimate (in the good way).  We host 14 people, pick a theme, source some killer wines, gather, taste, and enjoy. Keeping things small allows us to talk with you, rather than AT you.

Tastings run from 7 to approximately 9pm.

Each evening includes a guided tasting and lighter fare. We do however encourage guests to eat before attending. We also ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne, as this can affect the aromas and flavours of the wines, and the way other attendees perceive these aromas and flavours.

Please arrange for responsible transportation.
Above all, enjoy yourself!!

To reserve your seats – or 403.981.9463

Next Events

Syrah/Shiraz Night $50
September 30
I’ve been crushing a lot of Syrah lately. It can make killer wines from all over the globe. Book your seats for tonight and see if all my ‘research’ has paid off.

Thanksgiving Wines $50
October 7
It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so why not come in and try some wines that our buddy Paul Martzoukos of Tannin Fine Wines recommends with your meal!

Only for the Adventurous $50
October 14
Bored of drinking Cabernet? Interested in tasting an alternative to Pinot Grigio? Would you rather poke yourself with a corkscrew than drink another Malbec? Tonight, we will taste through some cool and unique grapes and wine styles as alternatives to your familiar faves.

Tempranillo $50
October 21
Spain’s biggest export is Tempranillo. I am not sure that is actually true. But for wine, it’s a big deal. Here we will taste a range of Tempranillos from different areas, featuring different winemaking methods, and see what makes them each unique.

Wines of Spain $50
October 28
The fastest growing category in the shop is Spain. Hands down. Tonight Paul Martzoukos of Tannin Fine Wines will show you why. In between stories, he might even pour some wine.

Spicy Reds $50
November 4
What does it mean when someone says a wine is spicy? Everyone seems to have a different answer to the question. This tasting will present my interpretation. Wines featuring spicy aromas and flavours – pepper, clove, nutmeg, etc..

Portugal $50
November 18
I have been pumping the tires of Portugal’s still wines (non-sparkling or Port) for years. Value is incredible, the quality is very high, and their indigenous grapes are unique and exciting. Join me tonight for a tasting of some great wines from one of Europe’s oldest winemaking areas.

Wine 101 $50
November 25
Love wine and want to know more about the basics? Paul from Tannin Fine Wines will be back, talking wine starting from the beginning. Major grapes, where they are grown, key characteristics, all that sort of thing.