What’s better than enjoying wine with other wine loving type people?  We feel that wine is intended to be a social beverage, and we try to keep it that way.  Our tastings are small, casual, informative and semi-intimate (in the good way).  We host 14 people, pick a theme, source some killer wines, gather, taste, and enjoy. Keeping things small allows us to talk with you, rather than AT you.

Tastings run from 7 to approximately 9pm.

Each evening includes a guided tasting and lighter fare. We do however encourage guests to eat before attending. We also ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne, as this can affect the aromas and flavours of the wines, and the way other attendees perceive these aromas and flavours.

Please arrange for responsible transportation.
Above all, enjoy yourself!!

To reserve your seats – or 403.981.9463

Next Events

Full Bodied Reds $50
January 27
Our buddy Warren Walden from Black Sheep Imports will be joining us and pouring some of his favourite Full Bodied Reds to help get you through the winter.

Southern Italy $50
February 3
Everyone knows Sangiovese from Tuscany. But people may not know about some equally delicious wines made from grapes like Nero from Sicily, Aglianico from Basilicata, Negroamaro from Puglia. Tonight will change that.

A Toast to Bubbles $60
February 10
As is tradition, every year for Valentine’s Day we taste sparkling wines. A range of styles from different countries will be presented.

Southern France $50
February 17
Paul Martzoukos from Tannin Fine Wines will make his first appearance of the new year to pour you some gems from Southern France.

The Cabernets $50
February 24
This evening will be dedicated to the Cabernet family of grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc will be featured, but some other branches on the tree may be explored.

France vs the World $50
March 3
The French can be a little arrogant about their wine. Is it warranted? Come tonight and we’ll find out.

Greece vs Italy $60
March 10
Tonight Mark Bata of Bonvida wines and Paul Martzoukos of Tannin will go head to head pitting the wines of Italy against the wines of Greece. It’s going to be awesome.

Spring is Coming $50
March 17
By now, most of us are starting to get antsy about Spring right around the corner. Tonight Paul from Tannin Fine Wines will be back shouting from his soapbox to anyone that will listen, about upcoming trends, and brand new wines fro the spring.